Mounted Arts

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Announcing - A New Equestrian Sport

Painting... at a Gallop

Many people have heard of Mounted Archery but another sport is on the rise.

The name of this sport is Mounted Arts as founder Wine Country Artist Diane Schell demonstrates in this photo. Other aspects of this sport involve shooting arrows with paint brushes strapped to the tip at paper or canvas. Jousting with Wine is not out of the question! Mounted Arts can also include riding the horse at a walk around paper on the ground, creating a circle with a paint brush strapped to a long garroucha pole. Schell explains “I’m deeply inspired by Doma Vaquera and the use of the Garroucha. By adapting it to art, we are able keep a product of the riding process, to view and think about”.  In this photo, Schell heads for the target on her horse Rowan. ”First, you must dip the brush in Paint, or in my case, Wine, Next, advance at speed to paint the watercolor paper or canvas tacked to the fence line. 

Instead of utilizing a weapon like you see in typical mounted sports exhibitions, the sword has been replaced with a paintbrush strapped to a stick. "This doesn’t mean the sport isn't dangerous, it has similar risks to polo or eventing. The birth of this sport started off with a severe injury to my hand. I was stretching to connect with the paper and Rowan spooked. There is definitely an art to this” Schell said. Still, a peaceful message is at the core and an interesting painting is hopefully the result. The challenge is to create a strong single zen like stroke or create an abstract symbol. One such symbol that would gain high marks would be based on the chinese 'horse on a swallow' if the mark looks anything like a swallow that is equivalent to high points. If the mark is fuzzy and without NRG (energy) that is a low scoring mark. The painting which results must always be shared with the horse. The horse and rider are to return to it and contemplate the mark for several minutes. Horses are intellectually more advanced than we think and actually learn at a faster rate than we do. Their level of awareness must be taken into account and this moment of team reflection is vital to the sport. These paintings are an unusual  collaboration of Human and Horse with something interesting left to show for it. The concept includes donating the painting as unique charitable auction item.  "It's a Win Win, despite the risks" said Schell.