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~Archers Art Musings

Today. Rain.

Archers expression of the Elements, Delightful

His use of space reveals an advanced esthetic. Even his choice of Wine is Excellent.

A trainer perhaps?  those annoying waving arms and a lunge whip. He is being shat on- by a goose?!

Is he channeling Dali?

"The God Horse" -  Offering an apple and tossing salt.

A Bold painting of overwhelming significance.

...Do Horses have.... Shaman?

He is trying to communicate.

We look closer.

Deliberate marks and a sensitive moment defined precisely where balance has just been lost.

"Phaethon, he was lost; and, fixed in chills of horror, dropped the reins.

When these they felt upon their rising backs, the startled steeds sprang forthwith; and, unchecked, through atmospheres of regions unexplored, thence goaded by their unchecked violence, broke through the lawful bounds, and rushed upon the high fixed stars."


Could he be studying?!

I must ask.

A mermaid? a reference to beloved Helios and Poseidon?

The careening Phaethon and unchecked chaos?

I ponder his work in the evening.  The fire warms me as I study this mystery.

His symbols remind me of soft petroglyphs.

Archers seemingly listless but more and more obvious deep daily contemplations become evident.

I wish I knew. I beg him. with apples, carrots, chicken sandwiches, snickers.

He is... so silent. It looks Greek.

He is an Artist.


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