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Welcome to EquineWine

The story of painting Equines in Wine begins one cold evening while Diane Schell-Engdahl was sitting by a fire painting a watercolor. She dipped a brush in her glass of merlot and the rest is history.

Painting with wine seems only natural to someone who has a background steeped in California Wine Lore dating back to the 1800s. Her great grand father Herrick Schell owned the famous Red Mountain Vineyard and winery in Knights Ferry, CA, known for the unusually large wine cave and 6,000 vines imported from the Rhine region of Germany. The original estate consisted of 15,500 acres and there was a large barn for the horses. An old photograph remains of Herrick astride his beautiful stallion.

Red Mountain Vineyard was the biggest exporter of wine on the west coast during the mid 1800 and early 1900‘s. During the turn of the century, the vineyards were torn out, planted in alfalfa, divided and sold off. Drought and prohibition had taken their toll along with the great depression.

Within only 2 generations, all that remained of this once immense, productive and famous estate was a whim, a glass of wine and a paint brush.

What could be more wonderful than a rose color wash of Cabernets and Merlots, or the raspberry darks of the Pinot Noir? The darker tones are created by leaving the wine in the sun or on the fireplace to evaporate (called reducing). It’s a splendid way to spend a lovely evening, and at the same time offer a toast to the great efforts, ambitions and antics of the past and enjoy the love of horses, wine and humor in the old Schell Family tradition.



Diane Schell-Engdahl was born and raised in the Wine Country in California.

A graduate of California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA, she is unique In the field of equestrian art in focusing on painting Horses with Wine. As an Equine Fine Art Wine Painter she shows her art in Napa and Sonoma County and maintains a studio above Calistoga, CA. In addition to wine painting she has worked professionally as a senior designer, architectural designer and photographer. She serves on the advisory team of CEPEC (Calif Equestrian Parks and Event Center) as 3D modeler. Diane is a CHA certified riding instructor and has 2 horses: Archer, who Paints in Wine and Rowan, who has adventure series books in English and French. Diane has been offering a Live Horse Drawing class since 2011 on her Sustainable Horse Demonstration Farm. WinePups and Whinny n Wine are her wine country cartoons.


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