Archer - “The Horse who Paints with WINE

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EquineWine presents

ARCHER, a large Friesian /TB cross is making a splash in the Wine Country Art Scene by emerging as The Worlds First Wine Painting HORSE and an Equine Artist in the finest sense.

In this video he paints with wine while listening to the classical radio station. Archer is not clicker trained because he is Naturally Artistic. Nor do we use any flavors on the brush handle to entice him to grab it.

He is a true Wine Country Horse and prefers the interesting aroma and delicate colors of red wine over the less pleasurable commercial water colors or acrylics that other “painting horses” have used in the past.

Here we feature Archer painting with Kings Hill Cellars Pinot Noir 2010 (Knights Valley, CA).

Our rating: 'Incredible'. It makes a fine wash, reduces perfectly to a rich raspberry color, and is also Delicious. Archer paints but does not drink yet because he is under the legal limit.

Here are Archers Musings

Archer- “The Horse who Paints with WINE

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Archer the WineHorse Painter has been invited to paint at Dressage in the Wine Country, in Sonoma County, CA

He will be offering paintings for sale with 50% donated to local equine rescues.

Archers Big Smile Posters are Available HERE

On cups and tee’s Here


Archer Painting with Wine.